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Good Harvest School is a Private primary school. It caters for both Primary and Nursery sections. It is located in Kicukiro District 400m from kicukiro main centre in Kagarama sector. The school currently has 905 students and 30 classrooms. The school is committed to making positive contributions to all students and meeting their diverse learning needs as well as creating a better learning environment. Good Harvest Primary School offers a safe, supportive, fun, happy, and friendly environment for children to discover, develop and grow into confident and committed young generation. We hope you will find this website interesting and full of information about the school and the work that we do. All interested families, friends and well-wishers are welcome to visit the school.

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Why choose us!

A place to discover greater ways of understanding and education, in a safe, supportive, happy and friendly environment. Good Harvest Primary is your local school where your child will have a fun place to learn, with a supportive school culture and quality teaching and learning. Good Harvest Primary School is like an adventure hunt or a museum of knowledge and history, or even like a showplace for achievements of excellence.

We at Good Harvest P.S lay strong emphasis on Science, Maths, Writing, Reading, English, Speech, Singing, Spelling, Literacy, Computer Education and sports with high standards in programme delivery. We provide you consistent information about your child's day to day progress and achievements. Please give us a call, or visit, to learn more about GHPS.

Extra-curricular activities

At Good Harvest Nursery and Primary School, we do our best to offer a wide-variety of extra-curricular activities such as; Traditional Dance, Drama, Music, volleyball, basketball, Football and debates which are so important for growing children to enhance physical abilities, motor skills, stimulate memory and muscle growth, as well as teamwork and collaborative efforts. We are committed to having physical education every day.

On Going Projects

» Teachers ICT training on basic computer use, then in how to effectively pass on computer skills to children.

» The school needs to renovate the existing facility to put it in a pleasing manner.

» Setting up sanitation Utility; The school wants to construct an extensive central sewage for wastewater disposal.

» Setting standard grounds for sports and physical exercise, and their required equippments.

» Setting up improved structures for science and computer laboratories.

» Setting up a well-equipped library for children’s research and improving reading skills.

» Setting up a main hall large enough to accommodate the entire school population.